29 July 2022
Prosciuttificio Leonardi supports Oasi Ohana

Prosciuttificio Leonardi supports Oasi Ohana

Prosciuttificio Leonaradi is a supporter of various organizations and associations.
Among these, Oasi Ohana, a shelter for abandoned dogs located in Santa Margherita di Belice, in the province of Agrigento.

Oasi Ohana is not a kennel. In addition to not receiving public funds, while collaborating and helping the municipalities when the kennels are full; Ohana is maintained only thanks to donations from all over Europe by individuals.

Inside the Oasis there are no cages in which dogs are locked up: in Ohana there are macro-areas in which dogs are divided according to sex, age and attitude, living their life in the green and free to express themselves.
To date, almost 100 dogs are hosted by the Oasis. Ohana actively works to ensure that dogs, even adults, find their family.

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